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her music is unique and intimate . with her deep and warm & almost ancient voice it feels like  home.

her main language is Hebrew and her songs are connected to the essence

in a way that you can understand it without understanding a word (:

woven with Arabic and the fragrance of tribes of her childhood landscapes .

deep in her prayers you can feel the hope for deep bonds and harmony between cultures , plants & animals ,healthy  feminine & masculine 

her biggest joy (except Yahna - her daughter) is to be present & reachable to whoever listens & needs support 

to make this medicine available to each human in our global village 

Since the release of her debut album “Eve” (2021)  Sheffy has been touring worldwide and continues to touch hearts wherever she goes.  her releases "the grandmother song"  "Lakota" and more are played on daily basic in retreat centers  clinics in depth processes sessions  and ceremonies ,festival and health institutes

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Sheffy Oren Bach

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