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New album

The new album is on its way, and you are invited to take part by supporting its arrival to the world

Join us in supporting this exceptional album by making a philanthropic contribution ranging from 50 NIS to 10,000 NIS through the available donation platforms.

Your support will help bring this music to life.

A taste of the new album 


this video is from "conference of birds " turkey , playing this love song with musicians from the middle east ... in Hebrew Arabic and persian languages. Ahuvi is a new song to be recorded soon ....

About this project

Following the successful release of the Beautiful "Eve" album in 2021, which was fully sponsored by the Headstart Project, we have embarked on a new endeavor to produce an original music album by Sheffy Oren Bach, in collaboration with Taor Label , produced by Ori Bankhalter. 

This project is community-funded, and as such, we kindly request your support through various platforms, including Paybox, Bit, PayPal, and credit card payments. The funds raised will be solely directed towards the production of the album. Our goal is to raise 100,000 INS by August 2023, and we will keep you informed of our progress.


Thank you for helping us to bring this exciting new music to life!

Listen to EVE album

Meet the musicians

Sheffy Oren Bach

Guitar , Singing

lyrics & composition 

Sndrine Santal

 Singing & Violin 

Eli Kesem Naharan

Singing & Percussion


Oded Ben Laish

Guitar & Singing


Sefi Asfuri Hirsh

Violin & Ud


Yarden Jorden Cohen

Guitar & Ud


Ori Bankhalter& Michal Bankhalter

Taor Label


Ori Bankhalter

Music Producer

If you are interested in providing support through means other than the options provided, or would like to arrange a performance, workshop, or private music session as a contribution towards this project, please do not hesitate to reach out.


We are open to exploring different avenues of support and welcome your input. Kindly note that any financial contributions made in exchange for these services will go towards the advancement of the project

Support in the new album

Thanks for supporting!

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